June Clark


Artist Statement

Once I decide what I wish to say, I must find the materials that are best suited to my visual statement.  Therefore, materials are the grammar of my visual language.  As such, working with rust, scrap materials, photographs, prints, etc. allows me to visually explore and give structure to my values and ideas. 

I am quite lucky to have been born and raised in Harlem with such a rich background and upbringing. Through materials I visually convey and give meaning to my events and experiences.

I am continually pushed to ignore perceived limitations. For this, in part, I have Bourgeois, Hammons, Kiefer, Cornell, Schwitters and Rauschenberg to thank.

Biographical Statement

Through her art practice, June Clark’s search for her place in the world is intensely personal but opens out onto the increasingly alienated world that we all share.

Growing up in Harlem gives her a unique understanding of the contemporary world. The events of her life shape new understandings of the past. It is this encompassing self which gives her work its depth and relevance. Photographs, etchings, collage and 3D lead her to formulate methods of expression in order to communicate the intertwining of her past and her present. Clark’s practice has many levels and is never didactic.

Clark pushes to integrate the direct knowledge and passion of her personal life with the public concerns of our time. Making art is a life commitment. Through her unique manipulation of materials she attempts to come to terms with the dimensions of personal experience.

June Clark has earned a national and international reputation for her photo-based image works, installations and interventions. As an Artist-in-Residence she has spent more than a year in Paris, two years in New York City which included the Studio Museum in Harlem, and six months at OCAD. She has exhibited widely throughout Canada and abroad, including exhibitions in Ecuador, Austria, Paris and New York. She has taught studio and academic visual arts courses at a number of art schools, including York University, the University of Guelph, and the Ontario College of Art and Design. Clark has an MFA in visual arts from York University.

She currently resides in Toronto. 

Clark is represented by Daniel Faria Gallery in Toronto. 

Contact Information

For any inquiries please send an email to juneclark@juneclark.ca.

To contact Daniel Faria Gallery in Toronto, please send an email to info@danielfariagallery.com.

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